Boot Camp Report – Enlistments Up

educational bootcamp

You don’t have to be an armed service veteran to understand the term Boot Camp . For most people it conjures up images of green recruits with a new rifle – shooting, climbing, running and crawling to achieve the glorious stature of a battle-ready soldier. It’s not exactly like that at LeDuc & Dexter, although […]

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Dehlinger Winery Plumbing Pipes

In 1975 when there seemed to be only a handful of prominent wineries in Sonoma County, Dan Dehlinger was busy building Dehlinger Winery, which he also designed. Owned and operated by his winemaker brother Tom, Dehlinger Winery soon made a name for itself with signature Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet from their estate grown […]

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custom home concept sketches

With all of their communities sold out, what’s on the drawing board for Cobblestone Homes in the near future? “We are in a slight lull right now”, according to Joe Keith, founder and President of Cobblestone Homes, a company he started in 1974, “But we have quite a few things coming up soon.” That doesn’t […]

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