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Paul Hobbs' Crossbarn Winery



Paul Hobbs' Crossbarn Winery
Paul Hobbs' Crossbarn Winery is located in Sebastopol in a renovated fruit processing building .
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Paul Hobbs’ new Crossbarn Winery is getting ready to crush grapes in just a few weeks.  The recently completed winery is located on the southwest corn of Occidental Road and Highway 116 in Sebastopol amidst a complex of renovated fruit processing and storage buildings.  There are currently six wineries located in this complex.  The original Paul Hobbs Winery is located just north of Graton on Highway 116.  Crossbarn has been a second label wine and now it is the name of his new winery.

  Hose Station
LeDuc & Dexter installed 11 hose station at Crossbarn
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Emergency Eye Wash Station  

Jim Murphy & Associates is the general contractor for the nearly completed project.  LeDuc & Dexter’s commercial department was contracted for the winery plumbing, which started with the installation of the process and sanitary sewer waste lines.  The building’s original floor had to be saw cut to install this underground plumbing.

LeDuc & Dexter installed this emergency shower
and eye wash station plus the hose station on right
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LeDuc & Dexter installed the overhead piping and connected into the existing water service, which they updated to existing code requirements with pressure reducing valves and a backflow preventer.  LeDuc & Dexter piped the domestic hot and cold water to accommodate the lab and bathroom area.  The industrial hot and cold water was piped throughout the facility to supply eleven hose stations and the air humidifier.


Mechanical Area


LeDuc & Dexter installed two hose stations (foreground)
and three Noritz instantaneous water heaters (mounted
on winery wall) in mechanical area on the crush pad
(click image to enlarge)

Noritz Water Heaters  

LeDuc & Dexter supplied and installed three Noritz instantaneous water heaters to supply industrial hot water for the winery and supply the glycol system with hot water as a heating agent through a heater exchanger.  They also installed gas lines for the winery furnace and compressed air piping to operate pump-over units, which will be operating during the fermentation process when the crush begins - soon.

Close-up of the three Noritz water heaters
installed by LeDuc & Dexter
(click image to enlarge)


August 2008

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