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LEED Platinum  

LeDuc & Dexter Inc. has begun work on a new green residential construction project in Sonoma Valley.  Hammond & Company is the general contractor for the project, which is a three-level home of approximately 3,000 square feet with a Platinum LEED rating, the highest green building rating given by LEED.

LeDuc & Dexter is installing solar thermal panels and radiant floor heating system for the home, a 500-square foot cabin and a pool house.  A mechanical room will be located on the lower level of the home.  A solar voltaic system will generate electricity.  Layered sand beds, beneath ground level, will be used to store heated water in PEX tubing for domestic use and the radiant floor heating system.


Green Home Foundation

Foundation for 3-level LEED Platinum home
(click image to enlarge)

Water Piping  

Another innovative green energy method will be used for cooling water.  It’s called the “Slinky Method” with two 250-foot trenches in a fill slope containing curled piping to form the cooling system.   Eventually, this system will be at a greater depth to maintain a cold water temperature when the fill soil is built up to the original contour of the building site.

LeDuc & Dexter installed this insulated water piping
(click image to enlarge)


The home will also feature straw bale insulation, natural plaster walls and a combination metal and living roof with native succulent plants.  LeDuc & Dexter will be installing a rainwater harvest system to capture and store water in an underground cistern.  The water will then be pumped for outdoor irrigation and also used for toilet water.

A high-level knowledge base is required for sophisticate green building projects like this LEED Platinum home.   Bruce Hammond, President & CEO of Hammond & Company, also owns and operates Longview Education Associates with his educational partner architect Pete Gang.

  Radiant heating manifold
LeDuc & Dexter is installing a
radiant heating floor system
(click image to enlarge)

Tom LeDuc    Longview Education Associates offers a 6-month Green Building Professional Certificate Program, which Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc & Dexter, has participated in.   Bruce Hammond

Tom LeDuc President & CEO
of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

Bruce Hammond, LEED-AP,
CEO of Hammond & Company

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