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The green building revolution has many objectives. Saving the environment, producing more user friendly buildings, saving resources and saving money to produce energy are just a few. The means for achieving these goals are rooted in the ongoing education process.  “It’s almost overwhelming in it’s scope”, says Tom LeDuc, President and CEO of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

Tom LeDuc, President & CEO
of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

Tom LeDuc has experienced an in depth educational journey over the past two years, which includes 5 certifications with GreenPlumbers USA in becoming a licensed green plumber.   Art Dexter, Vice President and COO has also completed those certifications along with Rich Hoaglund and other key employees at the company.  LeDuc is also a Certified Green Building Professional, a Build It Green member, and a member of the US Green Building Council, Redwood Empire Chapter.

Art Dexter, Vice President & COO
of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.


Now it’s Tom LeDuc’s turn to be the educator.   As part of his course completion to acquire his Green Building Professional Certificate from Longview Education Associates LeDuc is preparing a 4-hour presentation, an overview of all of the ways a plumbing contractor can contribute to the green elements of a building project.


“The presentation will cover the plumbing systems and fixtures that impact a green building project. They include water distribution, water efficient fixtures, hot water heating and distribution, energy efficient equipment, rain water harvesting and grey water systems”, says LeDuc. It will also identify complying strategies for LEED and Green Point Rated projects and clearly deliver them for ongoing reference.

Tom LeDuc and Art Dexter give a Powerpoint presentation
in Denver to the CCA, a peer group affilate of PHCC in 2004
(click photo for larger view)

  LeDuc, who is a two-time President of the North Coast Builders Exchange, is planning to make this presentation to NCBE members in the spring of 2010.   Another potential venue for this presentation is USGBC REC (U.S. Green Building Council-Redwood Empire Chapter). The audiences will include contractors and colleagues, many have worked with LeDuc & Dexter and a growing number who have become active in the green building industry.  Everyone is becoming aware that education is the key to the green building revolution.


December 2009

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