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Mauritson Family Winery



"I'm one of the young ones," says Clay Mauritson, referring to the 6 generations of the Mauritson family that have created a lineage of 133 years of grape growing in Sonoma County. The Mauritson family owns a total of 270 acres with their Alexander Valley vineyard and the Rockpile appellation vineyard near Lake Sonoma. They lease an additional 150 acres. At 28, Clay Mauritson may be young but he has a lifelong background in wine with a new chapter about to begin with the building of the family's first winery.

Located on Dry Creek Road near Lytton Springs Road, Mauritson Family Winery has a great location. The new winery is now under construction and should be completed by April of next year. That is perfect timing for the tourist season and Mauritson has high expectations for their tasting room, "The winery has curb appeal, I think it's probably the most visible winery on Dry Creek Road."

Mauritson Family Winery, under construction and scheduled to be completed in April of 2004, is located on Dry Creek Road near Lytton Springs Road.

Plumbing installed by LeDuc & Dexter in the tasting room area at Mauritson Family Winery.

Mauritson Family Winery, under construction and scheduled to be completed in April of 2004, is located on Dry Creek Road near Lytton Springs Road.
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Plumbing installed by LeDuc & Dexter
in the tasting room area at
Mauritson Family Winery.
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LeDuc & Dexter installed the main water service piping for the winery, seen here in orange.

LeDuc & Dexter installed the main water  service
piping for the winery, seen here in orange.
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Clay Mauritson is the owner-builder for the construction of the winery and he is also the winemaker, which lends itself to this design/build project. Mauritson works with his "team" of subcontractors to get the design he wants with their input. "We went with LeDuc & Dexter because of their experience, they've probably built 40 wineries and they know what's needed, like the location of the boiler and the size of the drains. LeDuc & Dexter has been wonderful, incredible, they do what they say they're going to do and they've done it ahead of schedule," says Mauritson.

Clay Mauritson also has winery experience that has prepared him for this new challenge. As a youngster he picked grapes and worked in the family vineyards. At Kenwood Vineyards he rose to the position of Assistant National Sales Manager, an experience that he feels is "invaluable" for his new venture. Mauritson also worked in the cellar at Dry Creek Vineyards and oversaw the custom crushing of his family's grapes, including their first release of 1998 Zinfandel, at Taft Street Winery in Sebastopol. Mauritson Family Winery will release their 2002 Cabernet next year and will also produce Petite Sirah from small lots of the 2003 vintage.

The Glass Is Hall Full



Tom LeDuc firmly believes that a positive attitude is an essential ingredient needed to run a business successfully. Most business people would agree with that statement. Of course it is one thing to nod in agreement and quite another thing to maintain a positive attitude throughout every day, every week and every year. The highs and lows of business cycles and drastic changes that can suddenly occur in the marketplace can give way to thoughts of doubt, skepticism and endless worry for any business owner.

Tom LeDuc illustrates the visual of a positive attitude with “the glass half full”.

Tom LeDuc illustrates the visual of a positive attitude with "the glass half full".

"I see the glass as half full," states LeDuc, "as a subcontractor I've come to realize that we just aren't going to get every job we want or think we should get – even with our regular customers. That's just the nature of the business. But I really appreciate the business that we do get, I'm truly grateful for all the work we've been able to do. That might sound a little simple, but that's really how I feel about it."

Positive attitudes are simple. But the simple truth is that it takes a lot of work to maintain a positive attitude. LeDuc has found it useful to listen to tapes by people who have achieved success with positive thinking and planning. On one such tape Tony Robbins interviewed John Wooden, "The Wizard of Westwood" and legendary UCLA coach, who won 10 NCAA Basketball Championships.

Soon after LeDuc got the tape he realized he'd already listened to it 10 times, "It's really great. Coach Wooden talks about being the best you can with what you have. When he would talk to his team about an upcoming game he never talked about the opposition or winning the game, he focused on being prepared to do your best." LeDuc was also impressed by Tony Robbins' success mantra of "Constant and Never-ending improvement". LeDuc is considering using an affirmation from the program as part of his company's mission statement, "Be a little bit better everyday. Always be improving."

A positive attitude is not something new for LeDuc. For a number of years he has been focused on educating the industry, including his competition. After LeDuc & Dexter launched Super Service, they developed the flat rate service charge, which was copied by nearly every competitor. LeDuc felt that was a positive thing for the industry and, of course, his company, "We wanted the playing field to be raised to justify what we were doing," explains LeDuc. It worked out in a positive way for everyone, as most positive plans do.



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