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How to Succeed in this Economy, Part Three



Attitude is everything  

In a prolonged down economy one of the toughest things to do in business is keep a positive attitude.  And, overall, it’s probably tougher for business owners, who are constantly looking for the signs of better days ahead for their entire company.  But, when do those “better days ahead” start?  How about today? How about an attitude adjustment that says to everyone around you that you’re a leader, who is in the process of making good or even great things happen for your company?  Is this easier said than done?  Of course it is - that’s what makes a good or even great attitude so exceptional – especially when things aren’t going so great.  Anyone can have a great attitude when things are going well.  The true mark of your character is revealed to everyone around you when times are tough.


A great attitude is an attractive trait.  When you think of all the people you know in business, who have great attitudes, you have a list of winners and, not coincidentally, these are the people that others want to do business with on a regular basis.  These are the exceptional people who have a clear vision of what they can do and then they go about doing it with a laser focus.  They have written plans and written goals. And even though their goals may change, their winning attitude does not change.  The positive attitude is open to creativity and change.  A negative attitude shuts down creativity and things just never seem to change.

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Tom LeDuc & Art Dexter

  The fact is, as a business owner, everyone is watching you to see what you are going to do next.  You are responsible.  Brian Tracy says if you repeat the mantra, “I am responsible”, five to ten times throughout the day on a regular basis, it will help empower you with the clarity required to take positive action as a leader.  Experienced business owners do have an important advantage in these challenging times.  They can reflect on all the tough times they’ve already been through and all the solutions they came up with to overcome their challenges.  They are already exceptional, having succeeded where others have failed.
Tom LeDuc, President & CEO (left) and
Art Dexter, Vice President & COO

At LeDuc & Dexter Inc., during the recession in the early ‘90’s the company actually expanded with the advent of their service company, Super Service Plumbing, and they instituted the flat rate, charging by the job, not by the hour.  This was soon copied by many other service companies in the local market and it increased the value and integrity of the entire local plumbing repair and service industry.   Super Service Plumbing
Green Plumber of the Year   Other innovations by LeDuc & Dexter, since their inception in 1982, include design/build services, residential and commercial fire sprinkler department, radiant heating and now green plumbing.  With each of these innovations new revenue sources were created and more services were offered.  This can also be more attractive to clients with projects that require a range of these services. These clients can hire one subcontractor, LeDuc & Dexter, to perform in all of these areas.  This bundling of services can also be an advantage in the pricing and bidding process for both parties.
These types of innovations have made companies like LeDuc & Dexter leaders in their industries.  But it takes vision, goals, creativity, execution and above all - a can-do positive attitude to make it all happen.

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February 2011

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