Fourth Street Medical Building



The Fourth Street Medical Building at 1701 Fourth Street in Santa Rosa
used to be the home of the Redwood Credit Union
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The Fourth Street Medical Building is a retrofit project that has totally transformed the old Redwood Credit Union building at 1701 Fourth Street.  The “new” building is being designed and built for four medical industry tenants.  The general contractor for the project is R.E. West Builders, Inc.

LeDuc & Dexter installed this wastewater plumbing
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“R.E. West has done a phenomenal job on this building”, says Rich Hoaglund, Project Manager for LeDuc & Dexter’s commercial department, which is contracted to complete all of the plumbing for the project.  “R.E. West has worked on everything from the footings up to the two new roofs.  They also set a number of I-beams to earthquake proof the building.”


LeDuc & Dexter saw cut the existing slab
to install the sanitary sewer lines
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HVAC & piping


LeDuc & Dexter has installed roof drains and overflows for the two new roofs and condensation piping and gas piping for the rooftop HVAC units.  LeDuc & Dexter saw cut through the original cement slab to install the sanitary sewer lines that accommodate 14 sinks for medical examination rooms.  LeDuc & Dexter has been contracted to complete tenant improvements for all four tenant spaces.

Rooftop HVAC units with copper condensation
piping that empties into roof drains
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LeDuc & Dexter is installing two water heaters in the mechanical room and hot and cold water lines, which includes recirculating hot water lines that pump non-scalding tempered hot water.  The common areas include restrooms and a break room with toilet and sink plumbing and fixtures. LeDuc & Dexter also installed a complicated fire sprinkler system for the buiding.



Copper water pipe and sanitarty sewer lines
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Rich Hoaglund  

LeDuc & Dexter is also working with R.E. West Builders, Inc. on the residential side with a custom home.  “We have developed a good relationship with R.E. West”, say Hoaglund, “We have good lines of communication and they’re nice people to work with.”

Rich Hoaglund, LeDuc & Dexter
Commercial Project Manager



January 2009

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