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Teaming Up with Pinnacle Homes
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LeDuc & Dexter Inc. is teaming up with Pinnacle Homes, a Certified Home Performance Contractor, to create energy saving, healthy environments for homeowners.  Pinnacle Homes’ performance contracting procedures include; initially analyzing the home for energy efficiency, from which they create an assessment report and then, along with their team, retrofitting the home to make them energy efficient, healthy and comfortable.   pinnacle Homes

blower door


Part of the detection process involves using a blower door and infrared imaging camera to detect air leaks and drafts in the home, which then can be eliminated with caulking and replacement of any existing inefficient insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling.  Air ducts are also checked for leaks using a duct blaster apparatus and then repaired to prevent heating and/or cooling losses.  A thick visqueen moisture barrier is also installed beneath the lowest floor where accessible to prevent subsurface moisture from entering the house.  Obviously, if upon examination of the roof, there is a need to replace a worn out, or leaking, roof that is incorporated into the retrofit to further tighten the shell.

Typical blower door, which helps find
air leaks in the shell of the home

“You can’t overlook the importance of an air-sealed shell in a home to create energy efficiency”, says Dick Dowd, Vice President of Pinnacle Homes, “an air leak in the shell is like piercing a basketball with an ice pick, you still have shell, but that’s all you really have.”

  air leaks in shell of home

Many air leaks can be sealed with caulking,
of inefficient insulation and repairs
made to air ducts
(click image to enlarge)

solar panels   Once these improvements are made to the shell of the house, the team examines the equipment in the house such as hot water heaters, furnace, etc. to ascertain the adequacy of them for age, size, etc., and, if deemed appropriate, these items are upgraded as needed.  Finally, once these items are accomplished, it is essential to evaluate the advisability of installing photovoltaic solar panels to provide for some or all of the future energy needs of the house.
Solar panels or collectors can supply
energy to power heating systems
for the home
The whole-home performance team is always mindful to first “reduce” the energy needs of a home by tightening up the shell, and then “produce” the energy needs for the home subsequently with solar power, if appropriate.
“Over the past four months we’ve worked on five residential energy retrofit projects with Pinnacle Homes.  We’re on the cutting edge of green building working with Sonoma County’s AB 811 program”, says Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc Dexter.  “It’s a real pleasure to be working with a forward thinking company like Pinnacle Homes”, says Tom LeDuc, “it’s exciting to be using all the new and innovative green building technologies.”   Tom LeDuc
Tom LeDuc, President & CEO
of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.


January 2010

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