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Unique Selling Proposition  

What is your USP (Unique Selling proposition)?  This is a question your company must answer and act on to succeed in today’s economy.   First of all, what is a unique selling proposition?  It is the one thing that enables you to convince prospects to hire you instead of your competition.  It is the differentiation of your company’s offer from that of your competition.  And if someone ever asks you what your unique selling proposition is – don’t say customer service – there is nothing unique about that – everyone does it.


LeDuc & Dexter Inc. has created elements of service and products that when bundled can give them a uniqueness in their market.  These elements would be a combination of green plumbing practices, radiant heating, fire sprinkler protection and design/build planning and execution.  So, if LeDuc & Dexter were bidding on a residential or commercial project that required these four elements of construction – how many plumbing contractors would they be competing with in their market?  Let’s use the 80/20 rule and say that only 20% of plumbing contractors in their market could compete for this project example.  Now, their chances are five times better in landing this type of project.

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Radiant Heating

  Once you have established your USP the next step is to promote it.   Engage in reputation-building activities that elevate your visibility and credibility in your niche market, which you’ve created with your USP.  Establish yourself as the expert in this niche. These activities could include writing articles, giving speeches, having your own website, writing white papers, and publishing your own e-newsletter.  A social media plan is also an excellent platform for a small company to broadcast in a big way.
Radiant Heating is popular with
high-end custom homeowners
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The next key ingredient for your USP is a “lead generator” from sources like space ads, sales letters, postcards, e-mail marketing and social media plans that engage, build trust and exhibit expertise on your behalf and make it easier for the prospect to choose you over the competition.   Social Media Lead Generator

  The last step is sales conversions.  If you can close one or two of ten qualified prospects to begin with, this number could rise to three or four of ten with practice.  It’s all in the doing - once you have your USP system in place and running smoothly you can dominate your unique market niche – even in today’s economy.

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