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Customer-Centric Residential Department



LeDuc & Dexter's Residential Department (left to right)
Kalani Spears, Contract Administrator; Kevin Delong, Superintendent;
Jim Ellison, Manager; Jason Leavitt, Estimator; Joel Meyers, Fire Sprinklers
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In LeDuc & Dexter Inc.’s residential department the focus is on the customer, which includes the building contractors and the homeowners.  “Homeowners come in to choose their fixtures or get ideas.  We work with them and print out options from supplier’s websites for them to take home and choose from”, says Kalani Spears, Contract Administrator and Administrative Assistant to Jim Ellison, Residential Manager.

Kalani Spears,
Residential Contract Administrator



In the field Kevin Delong, Residential Superintendent, interacts with the building contractor’s superintendents to meet their scheduling needs.  Kevin is also Safety Director for LeDuc & Dexter and is able to oversee safety procedures as he frequents jobsites.  A few years ago many home builders declared a hard hat mandate that LeDuc & Dexter adheres to in an effort to protect workers and the companies who insure them.

Kevin Delong, Residential Superintendent
has over 20 years of experience with
LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

Jason Leavitt, Residential Estimator, works closely with the home builder’s purchasing departments and suppliers to meet their budgetary guidelines in the bidding process.  Joel Meyers, Residential Fire Sprinkler Project Manager, estimates projects and oversees their execution in the field as a superintendent.


Joel Meyers,
Residential Fire Sprinkler Project Manager


Jim Ellison, Residential Manager, is a frequent visitor of contractors, builders, developers and architects in an effort to promote LeDuc & Dexter’s capabilities.  He is also active in the Home Builders Association of Northern California.  After all, home building is a very personal business. 

Jim Ellison, Residential Manager,
has 25 years of industry experience

Industry Experience Typifies
Commercial Department



LeDuc & Dexter's Commercial Department (left to right)
Bill Zeeb, Manager; Steve Willis, Estimator;
Rich Hoaglund, Superintendent; Michelle Boom, Contract Administrator
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Bill Zeeb, LeDuc & Dexter Inc.’s Commercial Manager has over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry.  Rich Hoaglund, Commercial Superintendent, has been with LeDuc & Dexter for over 20 years.  Steve Willis, Commercial Estimator, has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.  With that amount of aggregate wisdom they probably haven’t seen it all, but they’ve probably seen most of it.

Newcomer Michelle Boom, Contract Administrator and Administrative Assistant to Bill Zeeb, has six years of experience in the construction industry.  Michelle has the responsibility of keeping the department organized with billing, change orders, subcontractors, insurances and standard operating procedures in the field, which are revued in meetings every two months.

Michelle Boom,
Commercial Contract Administrator

“We have a great team”, says Zeeb, “Rich (Hoaglund) is experienced with materials, field operations with the plumbers and he has a background in estimating.  Steve (Willis) has been a great addition to the department with his intelligence and estimating know-how.  Michelle (Boom) has a lot of experience in her field.  She’s very computer savvy and has laid out a number of new systems for us.”

Rich Hoaglund,
Commercial Supeintendent
Steve Willis,
Commercial Estimator


Aside from overseeing the Department, Zeeb is extensively experienced in design/build projects, which includes negotiating the sales of these projects.  LeDuc & Dexter’s commercial department has worked on numerous retail, industrial and hi-tech projects and over 50 winery construction projects

Bill Zeeb,
Commercia Manager


Does The Organization Build Success Or Does Success Build The Organization?


The Company


When this question was posed to Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc & Dexter Inc. it didn’t take him long to answer.  “Aside from the hard work we put into the company to get it started and maintain it, we’ve built the business through being part of other organizations and getting an education in how to be successful – education has been the key.”


The organizations that LeDuc is referring to are trade organizations such as PHCC, CCA and the North Coast Builders Exchange, all of which LeDuc & Dexter has been very active in for about twenty years.  “I would say that 90% of the education we have received has come through these organizations”, says LeDuc.

Tom LeDuc, President & CEO and
Art Dexter, Vice President & COO (right)


LeDuc is a two-time past President of the North Coast Builders Exchange, past President of the PHCC of the Redwood Empire.  He is currently a Board Member in both of these organizations and a member of the Board of Directors of the PHCC of California.

LeDuc & Dexter Inc. offices and warehouse
in Santa Rosa, Ca
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Art Dexter, Vice President & COO of LeDuc & Dexter, is a Past Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CCA (Construction Contractors Alliance) and has participated in seminars with his employees to learn industry specific procedures that other companies in the organization are using successfully.  “We have members from all over the United States and we all have ideas that can help each other.” says Dexter.


Community organizations have also benefited LeDuc & Dexter and visa versa.  Tom LeDuc is a Member of the Board for the Wells Fargo Center for the Performing Arts and LeDuc & Dexter have participated in home building projects with Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, HomeAid and the Earl Baum Center for the Blind.

LeDuc & Dexter Inc.
located at 2833 A Dowd Dr. in Santa Rosa
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Customer-Centric Residential Department

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Does The Organization Build Success or Does Success Build The Organization?

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