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Futo Family Estate - A Winery with a Hidden Design/Build Maze



Futo Family Estate Winery
The Futo Family Estate winery, located in the foothills of the Oakville Appellation,
is scheduled to crush grapes this fall.
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Futo Family Estate Winery, which is hidden in the foothills of the Oakville Appellation in Napa County, has a hidden maze of piping housed in its concrete foundation.  This maze of piping is referred to as a mechanical chase, instead of mechanical room, because it runs through three sides of the foundation below the fermentation room.  The piping exits the winery and continues uphill to an “Ag building” where the boiler room will be located.

Fermentation Room
The fermentation room with steel reinfored wooden beams and entryway to mechanical chase on left wall.
The mechanical chase is inside the three concrete foundation walls shown here.
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Ledcor is the general contractor for the project, which is scheduled to be completed for the 2008 crush season.  LeDuc & Dexter, Inc.’s commercial department is engaged with the design/build plumbing contract that includes process waste and sanitary sewer lines, industrial piping for hot and cold water, compressed air and nitrogen.

  Glycol, Forced Air & Process Piping
Forced air duct (bottom), glycol (middle) and LeDuc & Dexter's
copper piping for air, water and nitrogen gas (top) are hidden
inside concrete foundation walls of fermentation room.
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Mechanical Chase  

Jeff Shank, LeDuc & Dexter’s Commercial Superintendent, says “This is probably the most work we’ve done per square foot on any job I’ve seen in the last 10 years I’ve been with the company.  The irony is you can’t see 90 % of our work because it’s inside the foundation.”

Industrial Piping
Another section of the mechanical chase
shows LeDuc & Dexter's PVC drainage
pipe trap and process piping.
(click image to enlarge)
LeDuc & Dexter's industrial copper piping
supplies hot and cold water, compressed air
and nitrogen gas for hose stations.
(click image to enlarge)

Ag Building  

LeDuc & Dexter will be installing a boiler, air compressor, compressed air receiver tank and hot water storage tank in the Ag building and they will also install 20 hose stations throughout the winery production area including the crush pad.

Ag Building, located above winery, where
LeDuc & Dexterwill install boiler room.
(click image to enlarge)


LeDuc & Dexter will also complete the plumbing for the lab and offices at the winery, which includes three restrooms and the domestic water piping for them.

  Dave Riker at job site
LeDuc & Dexter's Dave Riker (lower left)
on the busy Futo Family Estate job site.
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May 2008

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