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“We got started with our involvement in green building two years ago, but it feels like we are just at the beginning of what is yet to come”,     says Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.  Since then LeDuc & Dexter has become Sonoma County’s first licensed Green Plumber as a member of Green Plumbers U.S.A., an international organization that promotes and provides training for green plumbing practices.


“Networking is an essential part of the green building movement”, says LeDuc.  LeDuc is a member of the Green Group, a networking group with 65 members that meets once a month.  LeDuc is also a member of the North Coast Builders Exchange Green Building Committee, which is chaired by Warren Brown of Warren Brown Construction, a general contractor and electrical contractor that has been involved in green building for a number of years including solar voltaic systems. 

Tom LeDuc, President & CEO
of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

LeDuc is chairman of the Water Conservation Subcommittee.   Amy Bolton, of the Sonoma County Water Agency, is a member of this subcommittee Bolton has been involved with the promotion of SCEIP, the Sonoma County program enabling residential and commercial property owners to make responsible and affordable energy and resource conservation improvements to existing structures.  It provides a unique financing and repayment vehicle to the property owner to fund improvements.


In May LeDuc will attend a two-day seminar at the NCBE in the process of becoming a Certified Green Building Professional with Build It Green, a residential green building organization.  “Another goal of our company is to become LEED Certified, which is a commercial green building organization.”


LeDuc & Dexter is currently bidding on a number of green building projects.  Green Plumbers U.S.A is coming to Santa Rosa to offer training certifications during the next 4 months.  “We are training as many people as we can”, says LeDuc.  It’s part of the growing green network.

An example of a green plumbing application is this series of
three instantaneous water heaters installed by LeDuc & Dexter
at Paul Hobbs' Crossbarn Winery in Sebastopol
(click image to enlarge)



May 2009

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