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LeDuc & Dexter, Inc. is now a licensed Green Plumbing contractor.  “We’re the first licensed Green Plumbing contractor north of the Golden Gate Bridge”, says Tom LeDuc, President and CEO of LeDuc & Dexter. The other nearest licensed Green Plumber is in San Leandro.

Tom LeDuc & Art Dexter


LeDuc recently returned from Las Vegas where he completed the 5-course, 32 hour training required to become a certified Green Plumber.  Art Dexter, Vice President and COO of LeDuc & Dexter, has taken 3 of the 5 training courses in Sacramento.  LeDuc & Dexter estimators, project managers, and plumbers will be trained and certified Green Plumbers. The entire staff of Super Service Plumbing will also become certified Green Plumbers.

Tom LeDuc, President & CEO (left) and
Art Dexter, Vice President & COO

Green Plumbers USA’s goal is to train and deploy an army of “green” plumbers across the United States to promote the benefits of water conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases.  Green Plumbers USA is licensed in all 50 states plus Canada.


Green Plumbers USA


Kohler waterpsaving showerhead


LeDuc envisions many of the practical applications his company will be able to help customers with in regards to “green” practices.  “Super Service, our service company, will focus on water conservation, such as low flow shower heads, faucets, low volume and dual flush toilets.  We will also do audits for water and space heating.”

New Kohler water-saving showerheads and handshowers are designed with a 1.75 gpm flow rate, which can save up to 30% on water usage compared to a 2.5 gpm showerhead
(click image to enlarge)


“The commercial and residential departments will focus on designing energy efficient water and radiant heating and cooling systems.  Structured water distribution systems and solar water heating will also be included in our scope of work”, says LeDuc.


Residential Solar Model

A model of residential solar water heating
(click image to enlarge)

Crush Pad Water Washdown  

Wineries, which use copious amounts of water, much of it hot water, could benefit hugely with water audits by LeDuc & Dexter and the use of solar water heaters.  “There are a lot of creative ways to conserve water with recycling systems”, says LeDuc, “and solar water heaters are going to be a big part of the energy solution.”

Wineries use water for cleanliness and a lot of hot water for
sterilization, green plumbing will concentrate on
conservation of water and the energy used to produce it
(click image to enlarge)



November 2008

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