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Solar panel installed by LeDuc & Dexter  

In the present era of green building there are many opinions on what works best for homeowners trying to save energy and money.  The educated proponents suggest fixing air leaks coming in and going out of the home as the number place to start.  Next it’s suggested to insulate the home properly.  Definitely do these two things before even thinking about solar panels.  That’s the general consensus from those in the know.

Solar Collector installed by LeDuc & Dexter with photovoltaic solar collector in background
(click on image for larger view)

But when it’s time to consider solar power as an energy saver this creates a whole new debate as to what works best for the homeowner.   It’s a case by case decision with homeowners relying on green building professionals for guidance.  LeDuc & Dexter recently consulted with a homeowner who had an interest in solar as a solution for energy savings. 

  Solar panel glycol lines
Solar Collector has insulated glycol lines and waterproofing for frame and line roof attachments
(click on image for larger view)

The home was 50 years old and being remodeled.  The original boiler needed to be replaced.  The home had existing radiant heated floors. 

Phoenix Evolution boiler installed by LeDuc & Dexter  

LeDuc & Dexter saw three solutions for replacing the boiler.  1) A 96% efficiency boiler.  2) A 96% efficiency Phoenix boiler.  3) A Phoenix Evolution boiler. Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc & Dexter Inc., evaluated the situation and chose the Phoenix Evolution boiler, because it had a self-contained heat exchanger that would serve the radiant heating system. 

Phoenix Evolution boiler installed by LeDuc & Dexter
with glycol pump station and expansion tank ( right)
(click on image for larger view)

“We would have had to install an external heat exchanger with the other two boiler choices”, said LeDuc. “The Evolution is more expensive than the others, but with rebates and tax credits, plus the savings in labor because of the internal heat exchanger the price ended up comparable to the Phoenix.  This was an application where one heat source could serve the water heating system and the space heating system. The Evolution boiler is a great product and perfect for this application.”   Tom LeDuc
Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of
LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

LeDuc & Dexter also installed the solar panel on the roof for the new solar thermal heating system.  The homeowner also used the Sonoma County Energy Independence Loan Program (SCEIP) to finance the project including high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, which were also installed by LeDuc & Dexter.

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