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Have you ever found an offer for a free report or white paper with information you need on the internet and submitted your email address to receive it?  This is how companies and individuals market their products and services in the new economy.  They offer free information to gain trust and position themselves as experts in their field in the eyes of their customers and clients.

Tom LeDuc, President & CEO (left) and Art Dexter, Vice President & COO of LeDuc & Dexter Inc.

This business model also exists offline with networking groups and trade organizations.  Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc & Dexter Inc., has experienced this free exchange of ideas and information with his peers in green building groups and organizations like Build It Green, U.S. Green Building Council and the North Coast Builders Exchange Green Building Committee.

  Build It Green
U.S.G.B.C. Redwood Empire Chapter  

“I’ve shared green plumbing information with general contractors and exchanged a lot of free information with many of my peers in the green building community”, says Tom LeDuc, “We’re all in this together and we’re all trying to move the green building industry forward.  We all have expertise in our own areas and we’ve built rapport and trust by sharing our knowledge with each other.”

This process has also led to doing business together for many of the members of the green building community.  LeDuc & Dexter is currently working with Hammond & Company. Bruce Hammond is a founder and instructor of Longview Education Associates, an educational program that covers many facets of sustainable green building and Tom LeDuc was one of his students.   Hammond & Company
Leff Construction
LeDuc & Dexter - Green Plumber of the Year   LeDuc & Dexter is also working with Leff Construction on a green residential project.  Tom LeDuc and David Leff were fellow students in Build It Green classes and they are members of the NCBE Green Building Committee.  “Networking in the green building community has been much more than meeting and greeting each other”, says LeDuc, “We’re building our rapport, our trust and our expertise - and sharing it with each other.”
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