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If you asked Vinnie Giurtini what his business title is he would say he’s the manager of LeDuc & Dexter’s Fire Sprinkler Department.  But, if you asked him what’s the most important thing he does every day he would definitely say it’s providing his customers with service, service…and more service.


“That can be the difference between us and the other fire sprinkler companies – providing the very best service possible”, says Vinnie. “In a down economy where money is tight - that can be the difference in getting repeat business – giving the customers outstanding service and performance.  We pride ourselves on our performance.”

LeDuc & Dexter’s Fire Sprinkler Department, which does residential and commercial work, recently completed a fire sprinkler system for Tuttimelon, an international premium frozen yogurt franchise.

Vinne Giurtini, LeDuc & Dexter
Fire Sprinkler Department Manager

The new store is located in the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center in Novato.  Mike Siskin, the owner of the Novato Tuttimelon franchise, had high praise for Vinnie Giurtini and LeDuc & Dexter.




Tuttimelon will have about 25 locations in the Bay Area including Vintage Oaks in Novato

Here are a few excerpts from Mike Siskin’s email to Tom LeDuc and Art Dexter.  “I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to deal with Vinnie. You should be proud of how he represents your company. Even though we never met, he made me feel comfortable enough to give him my business based on his professionalism, knowledge and ability to greatly fast track my project. His relationship with the fire marshal also helped when our contractors started "covering up" a little prematurely…your company will be an approved (and highly recommended) subcontractor for the Tuttimelon licensees, now at about 25 locations in and around the Bay area.”

Siskin, an East Bay resident, found LeDuc & Dexter on the internet when he searched for fire sprinkler contractors in the North Bay.  “I noticed LeDuc & Dexter was very involved in green plumbing”, said Siskin.  “Since Novato’s building department had green building requirements for our retrofit project I thought LeDuc & Dexter could be a plus in that area – and they were."

  Green Plumber of the Year awarded by Green plumbers USA
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"We reused some of the existing piping for the fire sprinkler system when we reconfigured it.  LeDuc & Dexter also recycled the all the piping that was trimmed off", said Siskin.   "I received green building credits for doing those things - one more thing that made me very happy with LeDuc & Dexter.”

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