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Tom LeDuc, President of


I am writing this message after returning from a visit to Southern California. On July 20th I attended the first PHCC-ORSB, PHCC-GLAA, and PHCC-SD Joint Meeting held at Dave & Busters in Orange, California.

In attendance were the local association Execs, from ORSB, and GLAA. Also attending were Board members form ORSB, GLAA, and San Diego local chapters.

Many important issues affecting the whole state were discussed including: Education-Apprenticeship, the Free Enterprise Fund, Legislation - lobbying, Communication between the State and Locals and the Locals and State, Marketing, Membership, and Networking. Several additional issues were also discussed at the meeting.

The discussion was open, honest and quite passionate, and lasted from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM. I was very impressed with the leaders in the room and their commitment to PHCC. I was also impressed with the unity of all three Chapters. They are all truly working towards a common goal, making our Association and the industry better.

I took many positive suggestions and some concerns away from the meeting. All in all, it was a great meeting.

After the Joint Meeting I visited the ORSB association office with Anita Riley, the association Exec. It was great to see the chapter office and classroom. We then went back to Dave & Busters for the ORSB July Membership Meeting.

What a great place for a meeting! I felt like I was in a nightclub. The meeting was very well orchestrated. What impressed me the most was the participation of the Board members running the meeting. A different member delivered each topic. It was Inspectors night and it turned out to be a very lively meeting.  There were 89 people in attendance and lots of energy.

Needless to say, I returned to my hotel at 10:00 PM exhausted after a long day of excitement. Many thanks to all three chapters for the very informative and exciting trip.

I have decided that I would like to visit all local chapters for at least one chapter meeting this year as President.

Have a great August,

Tom LeDuc

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