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Tom LeDuc, President of


I find it hard to believe that the children are going back to school already and summer is almost over. It seems like our State Convention was just the other day, not over three months ago. I am still attempting to come totally up to speed with all of the happenings of our great association.

Since taking the office as your State president, I have met many great people from throughout the state. My recent trip to Southern California was very informative and I was able to meet many friendly and committed members.

After spending an evening with the members of the Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino County chapter I made the decision to visit all of the local chapters at least one time this year. I am excited to see how the chapters run their membership meetings. Additionally I would like to have the opportunity to meet the members who have not been able to attend our great yearly convention.

If possible, I would like to receive the newsletters from all locals so I have an understanding of the activities of each chapter. With the information from all chapters I will be able to schedule visits to each one.

Your State Board is listening to you and we are working very hard on communication with the new semi-monthly report and the new Discussion Board. Our consultant, Harry Moos is attending California State License Board, Building Standards Commission, California Building Industry and Construction Industry Legislative Council meetings. He is reporting to us on all bills that may concern the PHCC industry. Harry’s reports are published in the California Currents and in the semi-monthly report.

Another communication tool is the approved State Board minutes, audited yearly financial statement, and report on the Free Enterprise fund will now be sent to all chapters for the members to see.

A topic that comes up everywhere I go in the state is education and training. I originally ran for the State Board as Director of Education as that has always been one of my passions. I have discovered that many other members feel the same way. We have so many educational resources throughout the state that could be taken advantage of. Along with our State Approved Apprenticeship and training programs; many of the chapters have their own training programs. It would be great if we could come together and share all of the programs with all chapters. In fact, I would like to have al Education Summit where all of the chapters in the state get together to share programs.

It is almost overwhelming how many opportunities we have as a state association to help one another.

Have a great Fall,

Tom LeDuc

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