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Tom LeDuc, President of


Wow, we made it through another year. At one point, I was beginning to wonder if our business would still be here at the beginning of 2011, but it is. As I mentioned last month, we all need to be ready for a different way of doing business in 2011.

Today many jobs seem to go to the low bidders, who eventually will become unprofitable. So, how can you get the job price that will keep your company profitable? You must build your value with client’s everyday. Your company must provide something unique and indispensible to your client that makes them realize they need you and will pay the price to get you and keep you.

Networking and meeting current and prospective clients allows you the opportunity to share your expertise with them and build value in your services and products. Field workers have the opportunity every day to help their clients find easier solutions and save money and time. This is perhaps a company’s greatest opportunity to acquire and keep a lifetime client and should be the goal of all field personnel. If you can’t “wow” your customers on the job they will look for someone else, probably for their next project, and you will be left to just wonder why you are no longer working with them.

In this down economy you can’t simply bid and cross your fingers – and you can’t simply go through the motions on the job and expect your customer to stay with your company. You have to spend time with your customers and listen to them, find out what they really need or perhaps don’t even know what they need, and then go about educating them and helping them get exactly what they do need. Your goal should be to make your company indispensable to your customers.

For the last couple of months, I have been talking about The PHCC of California Leadership Conference, April 1-2, in Paso Robles, and the PHCC West Convention, April 27-30, in Seattle.

We really want our members involved in both of these important events. Again, if you have ideas for seminars or events please contact our State Office with your ideas.

Happy New Year! See you at Leadership in April!


Tom LeDuc 

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