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I have just returned from Las Vegas and Connect 2010, our National PHCC Convention. It was a great experience and I saw many old friends from National, CCA and QSC.

The California State Board held our quarterly board meeting at the convention and had 100% attendance. National’s President Skip Pfeffer, President-Elect Frank Maddalon, and Executive Vice President Gerry Kennedy came by our meeting to express their gratitude for supporting the convention. President Skip again thanked us for inviting him to attend our convention last May in Napa. He and his wife were both very impressed with California and our beautiful Napa Valley.

The convention was one of the best I have attended. The format was slightly different than in past years. There were the standard seminars, but there were also short ones called Learning Lab Education Sessions. These sessions lasted 45 minutes, just long enough to whet your appetite on a subject. I have recently experienced this type of seminar at the Water Smart Innovations.

Mark your calendar for two can’t-miss events in 2011. The first is our PHCC of California Leadership Conference February 25th and 26th in Paso Robles. This is a must attend event for all local chapter Executives and Boards of Directors. Elicia Magruder from PHCC National will be facilitating the conference. This will be our first Leadership Conference in five years so please plan to attend.

The other event is our PHCC-West Convention April 27th to April 30th in Seattle. The convention theme is “Courage To Change”. The convention is all about Connecting, Opportunities to Recharge, Rejuvenating Your Business Ideas, Capturing Time with Your Family, Stretching Your Thinking, and Being Inspired. It should be a great event in a great city. Seattle is wonderful place to visit and our hotel is right downtown close to all of the great restaurants and shopping.

We really want to have our members involved in the convention. If you have any ideas for seminars or events please contact our State Office with your ideas.

Peggy Hall has been serving as our Interim Executive Vice President since last May. At our Board meeting in Las Vegas, Peggy was appointed Executive Vice President by the Board of Directors.  Congratulations Peggy!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Tom LeDuc


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