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Well, it is almost fall and time to start harvesting grapes in our area, raking leaves and preparing for the upcoming winter. I find it hard to believe where the year has gone.

I just presided over my first official full State Board meeting held in Santa Ana on August 17th. In attendance were our full board of directors, Interim EVP Peggy Hall and Association Coordinator Tiffany Fournier and Director of Apprenticeship Training Tracy Threlfall from the State office. The Trade Select Board, board members and association executives From ORSB, San Diego and GLAA chapters were also in attendance.

Needless to say we had a large group and lots of lively discussion. The meeting was supposed to run from 10:00 until 3:00, but I finally had to end it at around 3:30 as many of us had airplanes to catch back to Sacramento and the Bay Area. I think having members attend the State Board meetings is beneficial to all parties. It definitely opens the lines of communication for everyone.

Our next State Board meeting will be held in Las Vegas at the PHCC National Convention on October 29th. As always, our members are welcome and encouraged to attend our board meetings.

Speaking of the National Convention, it is coming up soon and if you are planning to attend send in your registration soon. This is a great opportunity to go to a convention close to home and attend many great seminars and social events with our members from all over the United States. The Chapter Leadership Program & Lunch takes place on October 27th. This program is designed to help chapter officers learn how to strengthen their chapter and enhance their leadership skills.

The session will begin with an overview of the programs and services available from PHCC-National and the vehicles they have to support the state and local associations. This is a great opportunity for Chapter Officers, and State and Local Executive Directors.

If at all possible, plan to attend this great convention and see your peers from all over the State and Nation.

See you in Las Vegas,

Tom LeDuc


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