Some people are surprised to find how accessible Tom LeDuc and Art Dexter are, and how easy it is to reach them by phone when they call LeDuc & Dexter, “I find it surprising that they’re surprised,” responds LeDuc. “A lot of people think that because we are the owners of the company that they won’t be able to reach us directly. They think that they’re probably going to get dumped into voicemail, but we are available, especially to our customers.” There are times when LeDuc and Dexter are out of the office and then a caller would get their voicemail, but when they are in the office they can be reached by phone.

“Most of the customer calls come into the managers, Jim Kempers in residential and Bill Zeeb in commercial, but Art and I are always available,” says LeDuc, referring to his partner, Vice President & Head of Operations, Art Dexter. “We are really no different than the receptionist, the managers or any of our employees when it comes to helping customers, that’s what we are all here to do.”

Not long ago a customer called Super Service with a request for emergency repair work on the weekend. Unfortunately, the call forwarding command had not been set and the call was not answered. The customer, who has worked with LeDuc & Dexter for many years, called Tom LeDuc at his home. LeDuc was out of town but got the message and returned the call to the customer and the problem was addressed and resolved. The following week at a managers meeting when the subject came up, aside from addressing the emergency call system failure, LeDuc shared his thoughts, “It was fortunate that the customer was able to contact me and we were able to get him the help that he needed. That’s the bottom line.”

Getting help for customers and serving them with expediency is an important focus for LeDuc & Dexter. When a phone call comes into the office the receptionist will answer it. If the receptionist is on another line or busy with a customer in the reception area, on the fourth ring the call rings throughout the office and is answered by the next available employee. Tom LeDuc sums it up this way, “When someone calls us they obviously want some help and it’s our job to respond – the quicker the better.”