It takes 8 years to get through medical school, 6 years to get through law school and 4 years to get through plumbers apprenticeship school. What’s the point? Ya gotta know your stuff. Plumbing is a trade and a craft, and like so many other facets of construction in the 21st Century, it is high-tech, complicated and sophisticated to the extent that pipe dope is now a collector’s item.

The current PHCC of California local Apprenticeship Program was previously moved from Marin to Sonoma County. Tom LeDuc, a member of the PHCC of the California Master Training Committee and Bud Cavallini of Regional Occupation Program (ROP) gathered the resources for this program after they met through the North Coast Builders Exchange’s Work Force Development Program.

The PHCC of California’s local Apprenticeship Program is sponsored by Sonoma County Schools, who pay the teachers and supply the classroom. The program is funded by ADA (Average Daily Attendance). These funds are awarded to public schools based on student attendance throughout the year and can be used for ROP classes.

John “Zach” Zachenski, a journeyman at LeDuc & Dexter, is a fourth year teacher for local PHCC of California plumbing apprenticeship classes conducted at Elsie Allen High School. Zach has been plugged into LeDuc & Dexter’s residential, commercial and Super Service departments when needed and he also possesses a teaching credential. One of his recent students, Jim Hopper , scored second in the PHCC of California apprenticeship contest last year. This year another LeDuc & Dexter apprentice, Barbara Nguyen, finished fourth in the competition.

The PHCC of California is now considering the adaptation of the National PHCC, 4-year curriculum. As Tom LeDuc says, “This is where you get your top employees of the future.” Ya gotta know your stuff.