rafael arturo

Imagine moving to France or Spain to live and work. You are offered a job that fits your needs and you want to accept it. The one drawback is that you don’t speak the language. How would this affect your productivity and future advancement? What’s that? The company you are going to work for in […]

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Bryant Family Winery

To describe Bryant Family Winery in a word it would be fair to say that it’s unique. From the building design to the wine it is very unique indeed. It should also be noted that the circumstances of construction are rather unique in that the architect of the winery is now the project manager for […]

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custom house concept sketch

The relationship between LeDuc & Dexter and Christopherson Homes goes back many years. “We started working with Christopherson Homes when they started building homes in Fountain Grove”, remembers Tom LeDuc . The two companies are still working together in Fountain Grove. Currently LeDuc Dexter is just starting their work for Christopherson at Siena, which LeDuc […]

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