It’s rarely like a waltz. Sometimes it’s like the jitterbug or the twist. Each time the dance steps are different. One thing is always the same though, the customer leads and LeDuc & Dexter follows. It’s the Servicing and Scheduling Shuffle. Coming into the construction season, it looks like LeDuc & Dexter will have a full dance card. “It looks like a good year. There’s a lot of work coming out of the ground,” says Jim Kempers, Manager of LeDuc & Dexter’s Residential Department, “This is a critical time of the year for bidding.”

Timing is critical in this industry, from interest rates to weather and then of course back to servicing and scheduling. “We are known throughout the industry for our scheduling and staffing. It’s our policy at LeDuc & Dexter to give our customers what they want, when they want it,” states Kempers. One advantage LeDuc & Dexter enjoys is that most of their residential work takes place in a 20-mile radius from their Santa Rosa facility, although they have had jobs in Marin County.

Jim Hopper, Residential Field Superintendent, logs a daily schedule sheet for all of their activity; sometimes this schedule can extend out to 3 or 4 days in advance, “As the schedule builds up we may reach a critical point where we have to tell the customer that we need an extra day to meet a deadline. We are able to do this because we have been responding to their needs and schedule to that point. Then we get in and finish and get out,” chimes Kempers. Is it a dance? It certainly has a rhythm with the movement of people and resources from job to job, a stop and go two-step that keeps LeDuc & Dexter in time with their dance partner, who also happens to be their customer. It takes two to do the Servicing and Scheduling Shuffle.