Wall Plumbing Above Concrete

Stryker Sonoma, located on Hwy. 128 in Geyserville, is an interesting example of a winery plumbing project. The project included construction of a premium winery and two residential structures. What made the project challenging was that no winemaker had yet been hired by the winery. How were the design and building phases to progress efficiently […]

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munchkim boiler

“Every year at this time the phone is ringing for boiler repairs,” says Tom Schefer, Hydronics Manager at LeDuc & Dexter, “We’ll get these calls through February or March – that’s the boiler season – and we take care of boiler repairs as soon as we can.” Schefer recently got a call from Sonoma Acres, […]

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helicopter picture

The new REACH hangar facility at the Charles M. Schultz Sonoma County Airport has hydronic heating in 6,000 square foot floor section used for maintenance and repair of the their emergency aircraft. REACH is an air ambulance transport service, which provides rapid assessment, intervention, and safe transport of critically ill or injured patients of all […]

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