McDevitt & McDevitt – Polycold – Santa Rosa, CA

  • Design/Build
  • Manufacturing plant, retro-fit for existing building
  • Overhead Trapeze Pipe Racking System
  • Installation of Compressors & Cooling Towers
  • Underground Process Wasted system
  • Solids Interceptor & Ejector piping
  • Heating/Cooling Piping
  • Restroom plumbing & fixtures
  • Emergency shower & eye wash station

Client Testimonial

The Polycold project required weekly design team meetings that included 10 to 15 people. LeDuc & Dexter coordinated design of process waste system, compressed air delivery, chillers & chilled water system, heat exchanger, piping support trapeze, natural gas lines and new bathrooms. Their field crews implemented a super fast schedule while turning out first quality work. Each phase was completed on schedule. They provided a low maintenance, high quality manufacturing & test facility for Polycold.

WILLIAM MCDEVITT McDevitt & McDevitt Construction Corp.

generator outside

large metal wall pipes

big open warehouse space

leduc and dexter team photo

eye wash and sanitation station

electrical connections

water pipes

outside protection boxes