With all of their communities sold out, what’s on the drawing board for Cobblestone Homes in the near future? “We are in a slight lull right now”, according to Joe Keith, founder and President of Cobblestone Homes, a company he started in 1974, “But we have quite a few things coming up soon.” That doesn’t seem too surprising considering that the popular homebuilding company builds about 130 homes per year, but the array of upcoming projects may surprise those familiar with the Cobblestone Homes Fountaingrove communities that put them on the map. Aside from Washington Creek, a luxurious community of 37 homes in a creekside setting in Petaluma off of E. Washington Street, also on the east side, Cobblestone has a 74-unit apartment complex off McDowell Avenue on the drawing board. On the west side of town on Petaluma Blvd. North, across from the Factory Outlet, Cobblestone Homes is currently in the planning stage for a “mixed product” community, one that combines 3 product types; with apartments along the road frontage, high density housing behind and larger, single family homes farther up the hillside. On Petaluma Blvd. South, beyond the Veterans Building, Cobblestone Homes plans to build 55 homes, including 21 homes on 5,000 square foot home sites and larger homes going up the hill. Prices are planned to start from approximately $450,000 for the smaller product and from approximately $650,000 for the larger homes.

“We have used LeDuc & Dexter as our plumbing contractor whenever possible”, explains Keith. “They have done the majority of our work in Fountaingrove and now we are building 90 apartment units with them off Hwy.12 near Mission in Santa Rosa. We have had a very successful working relationship over the years. I think I remember when Arty and Tom were carrying the tools. They’ve built a great management team. I work closely with Jim Kempers now and I have to say that from the rough-in plumbing to the job completion and service calls, these guys are hard to beat. I don’t use LeDuc & Dexter exclusively, so I’m able to compare them to the other plumbing contractors and there just isn’t anyone better.”

Keith enthusiastically describes another Cobblestone Homes project starting soon in Santa Rosa as “work force housing”. It’s a 130-unit community located south of Sebastopol Road and east of Stony Point. The homes will have a selling price of approximately $300,000, which is now considered the entry-level market. “We must have this housing in Sonoma County for our police, firefighters and teachers and people with that level of income.”

Additionally, Cobblestone is serving the community as a designated Building Captain, along with Christopherson Homes, in the HomeAid project in Santa Rosa. This 10-unit apartment complex is being built to serve as housing for temporary homeless families, women in crisis pregnancy and victims of domestic violence.

Also on the list of upcoming projects for Cobblestone Homes is an exclusive 23-home community in Novato named Tamalpais Hill, grading for the site is about to begin.

If you are experiencing “a slight lull” as Joe Keith describes it, it certainly is nice to have “Coming Attractions”.