In the May 2002 Newsletter we saw “How A Design/Build Team Wins” and saves a project owner time and money while moving toward sophisticated solutions of unique construction challenges. The relationships within an experienced design/build team help each member of the team reach a higher level of performance. Here are some examples. LeDuc & Dexter will bring in The Engineering Partnership (TEP) on a project because they know from past experience that TEP is capable of drawing the sophisticated plumbing plans for this new project. TEP knows that LeDuc & Dexter will be able to read plans that are not detailed because LeDuc & Dexter has seen similar drawings from them in the past. Tim Souza of TEP adds, “LeDuc & Dexter’s employees are technically skilled at putting in design/build plumbing systems.

It saves time and money when we do plans for them because we don’t have to add every detail.” Bill Zeeb, who heads the commercial department, has worked with Tim Souza since 1988. Souza says, “Most plans for bid projects are over-engineered and the project gets over-built. In a design/build plan the contractor knows he can get the right materials and equipment and save money, so he does his part in that area instead of overbuilding and over spending.” Zeeb explains, “The general contractor is like an orchestra leader. The dynamics of a design/build team put the general contractor on the same level as the architect. We’re all team mates, it’s really a team.”