Design/build construction has become the practical and innovative direction taken by many of the new wineries built in the wine country. Because of the complexity of winery construction, the work calls out for specialists, or design/build teams, that have the experience of winery construction, working with owners and winemakers, plus working with each other.

Mauritson Family Winery is a design/build project coming completed about a decade ago that required weekly planning meetings before construction began with the design/build team meeting and working directly with the owners and winemaker. The design/build team subcontractors on this project were LeDuc & Dexter for plumbing, Knights’ Electric, Coleman Concrete, and IRRAP for refrigeration.

Winemaker Clay Mauritson, his father Thom, and their project manager Dennis Prior worked closely with their design/build team throughout the project. “We told them what we were looking for, they made suggestions and in the end, we got what we wanted, says Clay Mauritson, “the results were fantastic, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Bill Zeeb, LeDuc & Dexter commercial manager, was also very happy with this design/build project, “Not only were the owners great to work with, this job had a flow to it. It went very smoothly. All of the subs have worked together many times before on winery projects so we all know what to expect from each other. In terms of timing issues and being considerate of each other on the job, this is the way to go. It’s a perfect example of what a design/build winery project can be.”

Right from the beginning of construction the design/build collaboration was paying off says Zeeb, “We did the under slab plumbing with Coleman Concrete laying out the foundation, trenching for our plumbing lines and then they backfilled for us.”

For our part in the project, our team at LeDuc & Dexter completed all of the process piping for wastewater and vent systems, overhead piping for domestic hot and cold water, process hot and cold water, propane piping and compressed air. Our team also installed the boiler and hot water storage tank, air compressor, hose stations, plumbing fixtures and trim that include the kitchen, restrooms, and tasting room. Looking back, this was a great project to work on and it showed the complex and custom winery projects that our team at LeDuc & Dexter can take on.

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