Not many people get to design and build their own custom home. Ken Lafranchi of Lafranchi Architecture & Development designed and built with the help of subcontractors like LeDuc & Dexter his own custom home.

“I suppose you could call this house a Mediterranean ranch home, but it’s not really any particular style,” says Lafranchi. “We’ve gotten a lot of our ideas from traveling and looking at different architecture and using the things we like to make it a little different.”

This 4,000 square foot custom home has stucco exterior walls and a tile roof, which are somewhat common to the area, but the angled entryway with a two-story windowed tower give the home a regal look that remains simple in form. The fireplace in the great room has the same angled structure as the entryway.

LeDuc & Dexter was chosen by Lafranchi because, “They do everything I was looking for, plumbing, fire sprinklers and radiant floor heating.” The entire home has radiant floor heating installed into the floor slab. “Yvonne (Burch) has been outstanding to work with, she’s very pleasant and really knows her stuff,” says Lafranchi. Burch, of LeDuc & Dexter’s radiant heating department, installed the boiler and overhead main lines for the radiant floor heating.

LeDuc & Dexter also worked on a new commercial project with Nonella Construction , which was designed by Lafranchi Architecture & Development in Cloverdale.

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