High on the hills in Marin County sits a high-end custom home with a whimsical nautical design.  The home is approximately 12,000 square feet, which includes two stories above ground and an
underground garage that mirrors the shape and size of the top two floors.  The “garage” also houses a home theater and wine room.   Red Horse Constructors is the general contractor on the project.

The home is constructed of over 90 tons of structural steel, 1,300 yards of concrete and about 4,200 square feet of glass.  The home was designed by Mark Becker Designs, Inc.  The “bow” of the home faces Mount Tamalpais and views include San Francisco Bay, Mount Diablo, Phoenix Lake and Mount Baldy in Marin.  The main floor consists of the living room, a step-up hardwood dining platform, office, gallery, three bedrooms and guest room, kitchen and pantry.  The upstairs master bedroom suite also includes a library and music room.

As you can see above and to the right, LeDuc & Dexter installed over 5,000 square of radiant heating, mostly on the main floor.  This heating radiates heat below the surface of the flooring, providing a very comfortable surface for the home owners to walk on.  LeDuc & Dexter also installed two Munchkin boilers, two super water storage tanks, and a chiller in the mechanical rooms located in the lower floor of the detached pool house.  There is a stand-alone cooling tower outside.  LeDuc & Dexter installed the piping from the home to the mechanical room to the cooling tower.  There are also 13 fan coil units for heating and cooling, each one is a dedicated system for the rooms they accommodate.  This project definitely shows the custom jobs that we can do here at LeDuc and Dexter.

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