In Northern California, almost all our cities have passed a fire sprinkler ordinance. New residential homes must have a preventative sprinkler system to protect their homes and family in the event of a fire. These systems work fast to put out flames and smoke to limit the amount of resident exposure.

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What causes a fire sprinkler system to activate?

When a fire starts, the air above it quickly heats up and rises toward the ceiling. Once this reaches the sprinkler heads’ specific temperature, it activates releasing water downwards and to the side to put out the fire. Each sprinkler head works independently of one another, only engaging when it is set off by the heat of a fire.


Will the smoke set off my sprinkler system?

Although in movies and television, it seems like an entire fire sprinkler system can be set off by just smoke – fire sprinklers are actually designed to respond to heat. They do not detect smoke or trigger when smoke is present in the room. The sprinkler system is heat-activated and individually engaged until the fire is extinguished.


What is in fire sprinklers?

Fire sprinklers are usually kept closed by a glass bulb filled with a colored heat-sensitive liquid. The different colors show which fire sprinkler temperature would cause the glass to break and the sprinkler to engage. In some industrial facilities, ceiling temperature can be much higher than a residential building which is why the bulbs have varying temperatures ratings.


How long do fire sprinklers stay on?

Once a sprinkler system is engaged, it has to be manually turned off to halt the flow of water. The system is connected to the water control valves. If there is a fire, the emergency responders will likely turn off the water valve when the fire has been extinguished.

Having a designated person to know where the water control valve is located can prevent unnecessary water damage in the event that there is a sprinkler malfunction, leaks, or even floods.


Fire Sprinkler System Servicing

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