Our professional plumbers in Sonoma, Napa, and Calistoga have the tools and experience necessary to install, repair, replace, and remove any commercial toilet. For plumbing questions, service, assistance on construction projects, talk to our commercial department today.

Commercial Toilet Service

Commercial clients in Northern California rely on us for service to address:

  • Leaky toilets caused by worn toilet gaskets, flapper valves, and more.
  • Running toilets which might be caused by worn-out flush valves, broken flappers, or damaged overflow pipes.
  • Clogged toilets that require advanced equipment to find and remove the blockage.
  • Overflow toilets.

Leaky, running, or backed up toilets could lead to severe water damage, thousands of gallons of water waste, exposure to harmful toxins, and more. For emergency repairs, call us at (707) 575-1500

Commercial vs Residential Toilets

The main difference between residential and commercial toilets is the flushing systems. While residential toilets rely on a water tank, commercial toilets are tankless, connected to commercial-grade water supply lines, and built to handle frequent flushing, so there isn’t a wait while the tank refills.

While some homeowners have been considering installing commercial flush toilets for their homes, residential water supply lines don’t provide the water pressure and force necessary to flush without the need for a separate tank. Most homes are unable to handle the plumbing requirements of a commercial toilet. For residential customers, our plumbers in Napa county can help you find the toilet fixture that meets your needs.

How To Remove A Commercial Toilet

Since commercial toilets do not have water tanks and have water pipes directly connected from the wall to the bowl, it is sometimes simpler than residential toilet replacements.

To remove a commercial toilet, begin by shutting off water to the toilet or the building if there are multiple toilets. Next, flush the toilet to empty the bowl before unscrewing the water supply hose and the floor bolts. Finally, the toilet can be lifted and removed from the area, and a new toilet can be installed. If you have any questions or need assistance, our licensed plumbers are fully equipped to help remove and install commercial toilets.

Our plumbers at LeDuc & Dexter Plumbing are highly trained in commercial toilet repair and replacement. For quality installation of high-tech, energy-efficient plumbing systems, trust our commercial plumbing company.