Mike Ruzicka is the Residential Fire Sprinkler Project Manager at LeDuc & Dexter Inc. Ruzicka has over 20 years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry. Ruzicka has previous fire sprinkler experience in this market, having worked for Grinnell Fire Protection in Santa Rosa for 8 years.

As Residential Fire Sprinkler Project Manager at LeDuc & Dexter Ruzicka works with Residential Manager Jim Kempers with responsibilities for designing fire sprinkler systems plans, bidding projects and overseeing installations with the two installers in the department.

The zero tolerance ordinance that requires fire sprinkler systems in all Sonoma County homes that received building permits, after it took effect in May of 2003, has caused a big increase in activity for the fire sprinkler industry.

Ruzicka is currently working on 80 homes including 12 more new homes in the latest release in the Renaissance community for Davidon Homes at Black Point in Novato. Ruzicka is also working on 8 new homes at Sea Ranch, 26 homes for Rivendale Homes in Santa Rosa and 15 homes in an affordable housing project in Healdsburg.

Ruzicka started his career when he graduated from high school, going to work for his father, who owned Valley Fire Protection in Southern California. “It was a big operation,” says Ruzicka, “we had 16 crews working every day from 1985 until 1993.”

Ruzicka acquired early experience installing, designing and selling fire sprinkler systems, “When I went to work for my father I started as an installer and then pretty soon I was designing systems and soon after that I was selling them.”