Residential Department – Kevin Delong

A valued employee may be given the opportunity to advance within a company, but this is only half of the equation. That employee must make the commitment to a higher level of responsibility and skill level that is necessary to succeed.

In LeDuc & Dexter’s residential department Kevin Delong has taken on the challenging positions of estimator and superintendent. Four months ago Art Dexter and Jim Kempers approached Delong about this opportunity and he accepted. “Jim Kempers is training me and we work together as a team,” explains Delong. Years of experience in the field as a plumber have given Delong the background for estimating the labor requirements of residential projects. Material take-offs are another responsibility of estimating and Delong knows the efficiency of the field employees is partly dependent on his ability to deliver what is needed. “When I was working in the field I was asking, ‘where is it?’ now I have to find it and get it to them.”

The biggest adjustment for Delong has been his recent promotion to residential superintendent. “It’s a different world. I’m in contact with our customers everyday. Everyone has different needs. The relationships we have with our customers are really important. Over the years I have worked one-on-one with many of our customers in the field so I already had good relationships with them.”

Purchasing – Tammy Townsend

Tammy Townsend manages the purchasing department at LeDuc & Dexter. Her journey within the company started almost five years ago with accounts payable duties. Next she assumed responsibilities as network administrator overseeing Internet functions such as company e-mail and trouble shooting Internet viruses as they related to the company network. Townsend still maintains that position along with her new duties as Purchasing Agent.

Townsend has honed her skills in purchasing under the tutelage of Jim Kempers, Residential Manager for LeDuc & Dexter. “For the first few months I listened closely to how Jim dealt with the vendors, that was a real learning experience.” Gradually Kempers gave Townsend more responsibility, “Jim showed me the ins and outs of selecting the right vendor for each situation. Townsend also understands the importance of relationships with vendors, “It’s extremely important to keep the relationships that Jim has worked so hard to form. I love challenges and as Jim threw more my way he also allowed me to figure things out myself. That kind of training is perfect for me. Now I want to make this position mine – in my own style.”

Recently LeDuc & Dexter hired a purchasing consultant to work with Townsend, “That has helped so much, having someone come in from outside the company, thinking outside of the box. It helps you stretch and grow.” A few months ago Townsend hired an assistant, Vera Gozali.