A pipe bursting is the last thing anyone at work wants to happen but it does happen. In a perfect world, your building has regular maintenance done, stays on top of a building’s plumbing system and catches problems before they occur.

However, it is best to be prepared just in case since even a small crack in a pipe could flood an entire office.

If a pipe bursts in your office building, take these steps to minimize the damage.


Turn Off The Main Water Supply

To prevent further damage in your office, it is important to turn off the water supply to stop more water from entering your building. The sooner you do this, the better it will be to protect your building and it’s structural integrity.


Turn Off Electricity

If water is seeping through the ceiling or from walls, shut off all power and call an electrician. If areas are flooded and power is still running, there is the possibility of electrocution.


Remove Personal Items

Move important personal items, documents, electronics, and furniture to a dry place if it is safe to do so. Depending on the water damage, items may have to be discarded due to risk of mold growth. Be sure to take photos and document an incident to film a claim.


Clean Standing Water

The first step to this is locating the burst pipe and trying to catch any dripping water before it reaches the floor. The type of water here matters, clean water can be removed with mops or towels to dry the area as quickly as possible.

For larger floods or if sewer water is involved, make sure to call professional cleaners and restoration companies.


Call A Local Plumber

When a pipe bursts in your office, contact a trusted, local professional to fix it asap. We recommend keeping a list of repair numbers where they can easily be found in an emergency.

A burst pipe can happen for a number of reasons however, regular maintenance and inspections greatly reduce the risk. Our commercial department can complete any job with efficiency and expertise.

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