In the schedule-driven industry of construction, making deadlines is paramount to success. John Dunn, Commercial Superintendent, is responsible for scheduling and meeting deadlines for LeDuc & Dexter’s commercial department. The key in scheduling is “matching the skills of the personnel with the individual jobs,” explains Dunn, who prides himself and his department on meeting deadlines.

Currently, Dunn is focused on the River Terrace Inn in Napa. Andrews & Thornley General Contractors, Inc. is building the hotel with a projected completion date of September 1st. The roof is being framed and LeDuc & Dexter is busy installing the copper water pipe on the first and second floor of the three-story, 107-room hotel. “This is going to be my home for the next two weeks,” Dunn said recently in regards to the deadline of this phase. In addition to the copper piping LeDuc & Dexter is also installing gas pipe, drain waste and vents (DWV) and roof drains.

The next phase will consist of a lightweight cement floor that will allow LeDuc & Dexter to set the tubs and showers along with two boilers and a hot water storage tank. To get to that point Dunn scheduled his crew to work through the Memorial Day weekend. Dunn has additional resources in manpower from the residential department and Super Service, which he coordinates through Kevin Delong, Residential Superintendent and Jon Schutz, Manager of Super Service. Dunn, who now has 10 to 12 plumbers working daily at the River Terrace Inn to stay on schedule, says, “If someone says they don’t think we can make a deadline it just makes me more determined to get it done.”

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