If ever there was a new building in Sonoma County that blended into its surroundings while standing out for its unique style and beauty it would have to be the Serifem Building in downtown Healdsburg. “The exterior of the Serifem Building is being painted as if it were two structures, Building A is being painted grey and Building B is being painted grey-green,” explains Brian Howlett, Project Manager for Geary F. Rea & Associates, Inc., the General Contractor. “This breaks up the structure visually and helps to it fit in with the smaller buildings in the area.” The building also features parapets that are similar to adjacent structures. The parapets on the Serifem Building have copper flashing that give an elegant look to the three-story building.

Architect Allan B. Cohen designed the 8,310 square foot Serifem Building, complete with an elevator, which will house commercial tenants on the southeast corner of the Healdsburg Square. Howlett reports that construction is on schedule despite the stormy month of December. LeDuc & Dexter have been involved since the early stages in construction with the under slab plumbing, wall plumbing, HVAC connections, roof drains and gas and waste lines. Howlett has high praise for the workmanship of LeDuc & Dexter’s commercial department, which was headed up by Jeff Shank on this project. “LeDuc & Dexter has been very good with their scheduling on this job,” says Howlett, “They are extremely responsive to our needs.” During a recent heavy rain storm a roof drain leak was detected. “I called LeDuc & Dexter and they came right out and repaired it.”

Geary F. Rea & Associates, Inc. are entering the final stages of construction on the Serifem Building. When the building is completed the tenant improvement construction will begin. The Serifem Building has commitments from commercial tenants that should result in full occupancy.