Commercial Remodeling

new shiny pipes and large pumps in industrial boiler room

LeDuc & Dexter Plumbing has been providing exceptional plumbing services to the North Bay since 1982.  Over the years we have done a lot of projects for commercial remodels, ranging from replumbing entire buildings to just installing things like new sinks.  With experience doing all of these jobs, we have gained some very valuable skills that help us tackle any project that comes at us.  No matter how big or small the job is, you can count on our experts getting it done the correct way and as efficiently as possible.  Below are a couple of pictures from commercial remodel projects that we have done!

broiler installation action shot commercial services

If you want a bid on a project or more info on what we can do for you, call us anytime at (707) 575-1500 or fill out our contact form.