Over the last 20 years Bill Dick, President of Summertree Development, has built between 700 and 800 homes in Sonoma County. Summertree Development specializes in land acquisition, development, planning, construction and home sales. Baker Ranch, located in Petaluma, is the latest project. There are 10 homes, nine of which are between 2600 and 2700 square feet, with one home at 3400 square feet. The homes are all sold, 4 are occupied and the remaining 6 are close to completion. An historic landmark craftsman home, the original Baker Ranch residence, will remain at the corner of Ely and Corona Roads as part of the 5-acre project.
Summertree did not build a model home at Baker Ranch; instead Dick put an air-conditioned trailer on the site and had video “virtual tours” of the homes that he could show perspective customers before the homes were built. “The virtual tours showed the home’s interiors in 3-D with voiceovers and music, my sales people said they were invaluable. I also believe that it gave the perception that we were cutting edge, I think it inspires confidence in our customers.”

LeDuc & Dexter was the plumbing contractor at Baker Ranch. Bill Dick first began working with LeDuc & Dexter in 1998 at his Berry Brook project in Santa Rosa. “There were 43 homes to build and I felt I needed a big plumbing company to handle it,” recalls Dick, “I had never worked with LeDuc & Dexter, and I had the idea that they were too expensive. What I found was a company that was very reliable and dependable. They were good to work with in the bidding and negotiation process and they were always just a phone call away when I needed to talk to them. That’s a value-added service, LeDuc & Dexter’s management and support. That’s very important to me.”