Super Service Plumbing, a division of LeDuc & Dexter Inc. since 1991, is a plumbing service and repair company that is located in Santa Rosa and serves Sonoma County. Super Service provides 24-hour emergency service to residential and commercial customers. “Our business is about 50% residential, 50% commercial,” says Jon Schutz , Manager of Super Service Plumbing, “We get calls from restaurants for drain line stoppages, we also work with some large property management companies, we’ve done work out at Infineon Raceway and we’ve done work at wineries.” Schutz oversees 9 employees including 5 field technicians.

Super Service Plumbing repairs and replaces water heaters, sinks & faucets, toilets, water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, fire sprinkler lines and install water and sewer mains. Super Service uses a video camera snake instrument to view any clear sewer line for current or potential problems. Super Service also performs backflow testing, repairs and installations along with pipe location and leak detection.

Some of the Super Service’s work comes from residential and commercial clients of LeDuc & Dexter under warranty and through LeDuc & Dexter’s Residential Customer Service Department . When LeDuc & Dexter’s residential department completes work for subdivisions or custom homes a red decal sticker with the Super Service Plumbing logo and phone numbers is attached to the water heater or garbage disposal for the customers’ convenience. “When we make a service call we also give the customer some logo magnets. We get a lot of calls from people who keep them on their refrigerators,” says Schutz.

Super Service has been involved in a highly successful water conservation program with the city of Santa Rosa that has saved millions of gallons of water. The Go Low Flow program, set up by the city, originally provided homeowners a rebate for purchasing a 1.6-gallon replacement toilet. Later, a direct install program was introduced with Santa Rosa paying for the toilets. Super Service contracted with Santa Rosa to install, what turned out to be, over 2,000 toilets. In 1999 Schutz was presented with a Water Conservation Planning Team Award from the mayor for his contribution to the project.