The residential department is using a team approach to handle the busy season of home building, which has maintained a high volume of activity throughout the entire year. Residential manager Jim Kempers has staff that has kept pace with industry demands by being highly organized and focused on giving their customers the service they have come to expect from LeDuc & Dexter.

Mary Van Veen and Jason Leavitt assist Jim Kempers with estimating, change orders and customer service. “With Jim, the customer always comes first, he really focuses on their needs,” says Van Veen, “The customers trust him and rely on him – he’s always there for them.”

Van Veen does the plumbing fixture take-offs for subdivisions, individual homes, and special orders. After she receives the drawings from the general contractor she calls them to see when they need the bid. She schedules time for each bid that needs to be completed by a certain date and logs all progress to meet the customers’ deadlines.

Van Veen, who has a background in interior design, is responsible for meeting the specifications requirements from the plans she receives for each project. She also works with the purchasing department at LeDuc & Dexter to get pricing on the plumbing fixtures that have been chosen.

Jason Leavitt oversees customer service for the general contractors and homeowners of new residential construction. When the contractor calls with a service request Leavitt contacts the homeowner to set up an appointment at their convenience. Leavitt then sends a plumber to handle the call. If it is an emergency Leavitt will contact Super Service Plumbing, which always has a technician on call.

Leavitt does the take-offs from project plans for rough materials, including piping, flashing, vents, hangers, tubing, gas stubs, and appliance connections. The take-off figures from Leavitt and Van Veen go to Jim Kempers, who calculates the bid, and it is then submitted to the contractor. It’s that kind of teamwork that keeps the focus on details, quality, and service for the customer.