LeDuc & Dexter has a very productive relationship with The Engineering Partnership (TEP). Design/Build projects such as wineries, wine caves, industrial facilities, restaurants, hotels, apartments and, in some cases, custom homes are among the jobs that LeDuc & Dexter and TEP take on together. “Because of our great depth of design experience, we give LeDuc & Dexter the capability to bid on virtually any design/build work in Napa County and Sonoma County, says Rob Main, P.E. and founder of TEP. Main, along with Tim Souza, P.E., and Jeff Burgeson form an engineering firm with expertise in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, process piping, plumbing, controls design, energy studies and Title 24 energy compliance.

“In addition to our design expertise we also provide project coordination services through the design phase that are normally a part of a consultant’s line of work but less frequently offered by a contractor,” explains Main, ” Bill Zeeb with more than 40 years of plumbing contracting experience adds a tremendous amount of construction, scheduling and budgeting know-how that complements our design experience. Together, TEP and LeDuc & Dexter provide the client with much more than they could get from either an engineer or plumbing contractor alone. Furthermore, the client benefits from other design/build characteristics such as the shortened design phase and no change orders from incomplete or incorrect plans.” This streamlined schedule can be especially helpful for wineries that are building crush facilities for a crucial deadline or a restaurant that needs to re-open for a holiday or special event.

The overall cost is also less for the client when TEP and LeDuc & Dexter perform together on design/build projects. “We don’t have to cross every “t” and dot every “i” on the design drawings we do for LeDuc & Dexter, says Main, “we know the details and so does LeDuc & Dexter, we know what they will do, this saves time and money.” This is a competitive edge that the two companies offer their clients. Because they have worked closely on a number of design/build projects over the years they have the ability to read one another in a precise manner that produces precise results.

Infineon Raceway, Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards and the River Terrace Inn, a 107-room hotel in Napa are some of the high-profile projects that TEP and LeDuc & Dexter are currently working on. TEP also works on design/build plans for apartments with LeDuc & Dexter. “The advantage here is that we can help LeDuc & Dexter get out a bid quickly and accurately. With the engineered drawings they can see all the plumbing lines and every sink, bath and toilet. There may be additional piping that is necessary and they get an exact amount in the engineered drawing.”

Recently, TEP and LeDuc & Dexter have begun working on some exclusive custom homes that require complicated plumbing systems for radiant heating and cooling. We will visit some of those residential projects in an upcoming newsletter.