Good motivational speakers can excite and inspire their audience to a fever pitch. The euphoric event can seem like a life changing event while it’s taking place. But one of the criticisms of these gurus of hope and positive messages is that after you leave the seminar the revelations start to fade. Some say that after a few days most of the ideas are forgotten. This isn’t the case with Jim Rohn.

A group of LeDuc & Dexter personnel attended “The Challenge To Succeed”, a seminar by Jim Rohn, presented in Rohnert Park on September 22nd. Tom LeDuc, President & CEO of LeDuc & Dexter, organized the group’s attendance. A month later the group had poignant thoughts on what Jim Rohn had shared with them:

img-team-leduc2004-sm“This man (Rohn) captivates the audience. He’s like your Dad or Grandfather sitting there giving you a basic, simple message on how to be successful. I listen to Tony Robbins tapes and it sounds like he (Robbins) got a lot of his ideas from Jim Rohn.”

“He was really great – and he used his humor to make his points. He also said things like ‘Don’t miss anything, go see everything’. ‘A ship doesn’t sail on yesterday’s wind’ and ‘direction determines destination’.”

“I’ve been to a lot of seminars and what I liked about him (Rohn) was that he focused on you as an individual, not as a manager or customer service person. I bought his book, ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’.”

“He was very motivational. He said everyone has room to grow and get to the next level. He talked about making your work more interesting by making it a challenge and having goals, even for the simple things you do every day. It was a real eye-opener. I’m going to buy one of his books.”

“He was very entertaining. He had a pretty simple message – If you live your life right, treat people right, stay centered and spiritual, you’ll have a good life.”

“He told us how he made his money and how he got people to do things to help him. He’d make a point and I’d think, ‘that’s what I need to do.’ It was real exciting – he’s a great speaker.”