Vintage Greens is true to its name, with a 4-acre park that features 2 large play structure areas, picnic tables and barbecues, a bocce ball court, a basketball court and lots of green grass. Add to that a separate soccer park with 5 playing fields, concessions facility, more picnic tables and barbecues and a parking area and you might call it a great place to play. Many people also think it’s a great place to live. “Sales for homes are good – we have them priced right,” states Martin Nelson, Vice President of Construction for Vintage Greens, Inc., builders of what will become 440 “Wine Country Homes”, currently priced in the $380,000 range.

Vintage Greens is located in Windsor, west of Highway 101, bordered by Bell Road to the north, Windsor Road to the west and Windsor Golf Course is a neighbor to the south. So far 60 homes, with 4 different models, have been built and sold. 75 homes are under construction now. Completion of the entire project is a few years down the road.

Another unique feature of this community, aside from the park and soccer field, is the irrigation program set up by the Town of Windsor and Vintage Greens, Inc. Using recycled water from the Windsor Water Treatment Department, the park, the soccer fields and all of the homes that choose to participate, will be irrigated with recycled water. This will create a tremendous monetary saving to homeowners and water resource savings to the entire town. The recycled water is supplied free from the Town of Windsor.

LeDuc and Dexter’s residential department, managed by Jim Kempers is installing all of the plumbing for the homes, that includes water and sewer connections, rough plumbing, finish trim for toilets, tubs and sinks and installation of all gas lines. The recycled water lines for outside irrigation are separate from the potable water lines that LeDuc & Dexter are installing for in-home use. The recycled water pipes are clearly marked for safety, they are purple in color.