LeDuc & Dexter Inc. and its plumbing service division company, Super Service Plumbing, have both recently become Diamond Certified companies. Diamond Certified rates companies for consumer usage by using a rating system comprised of customer satisfaction surveys, reviewing complaint bureau status, confirming existence of liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage, verifying required licensing and evaluating the adequacy of financial condition and absence of significant suits, liens and judgments.

“I was really impressed with the process that Diamond Certified used to rate us,” says CEO and President, Tom LeDuc. “They check everything. They did extensive interviews with our customers to find out what they liked about us and how we could improve. Just that survey alone is invaluable.”

LeDuc & Dexter Inc. and Super Service Plumbing are Diamond Certified – Independently Rated Highest in Quality


LeDuc & Dexter Inc. received a customer satisfaction composite score of 93.4 out of a possible 100. When customers were asked, “If you need the services of a plumbing contractor in the future, would you use LeDuc & Dexter Inc. again?” – the answer was yes with a score of 98.2%. This is extremely important to LeDuc & Dexter Inc. because their business, like many others in the industry, focuses on customer relationships to retain and build business for the future.

LeDuc & Dexter received a survey report with answers to the customer question about “what you like best about LeDuc & Dexter Inc.” Here is a small sample of comments:

“They’re consistent and they’ve had good scheduling.”

“They get the job done and get out.”

“Every time I’ve called they were most agreeable to answering any of my questions, everyone had a lot of time for me, they have continued the dialogue with me.”

“They are prompt, their project manager carries a cell phone, accessible, good coordination between manager and the workers, workers are cordial, they present themselves well at the site.”


Super Service Plumbing received a composite score of 93.8 and when customers were asked if they would use them again, the answer was “yes” on 94% of the responses. When customers were asked what they liked about Super Service Plumbing they responded with answers like this:

“They were absolutely wonderful, they came out on a weekend emergency and they were very reasonable.”

“The big project they did for us was tricky and they were so careful and effective. On the other job, the man who came out also went above and beyond and they’ve always showed up on time.”


Both companies received customer responses on ‘How they could improve.” For LeDuc & Dexter Inc. 61% of the responses stated that there wasn’t a need to improve. For Super Service Plumbing 69% said they didn’t need to improve. Tom LeDuc tempered these responses by saying that, “Both companies always have room to improve and we will use the other responses as a guide for improvement with better customer service and satisfaction.”