Water jetters, also known as sewer jetters or hydro-jetters, are drain cleaning tools that plumbers use to clear obstructions in drainpipes and sewer systems. Through high-pressure water jets, professional plumbing companies can use water jets to remove clogs, grease, and grime from pipes.

While easier clogs can be fixed through plungers or snakes, a water jetter provides a powerful, safe, and efficient alternative to tougher pipe buildups.

Hydro-jetting should only be done by professional plumbers to avoid plumbing damage. To talk to a local drain cleaning company, contact LeDuc & Dexter Plumbing at (707) 575-1500 today.

How Does A Water Jetter Work?

Using a motor, pump, flexible hoses, and a variety of nozzles, water jetters can effectively clear clogs from drains and sewer lines. The pressurized water is concentrated into the pipe sending debris down the line while providing wall-to-wall cleaning.

For homes and businesses that experience the following signs, talk to our plumbers in Napa County about the benefits of hydro-jetting.

  • Drain odors
  • Unusual drain sounds
  • Slow drainage
  • Standing water

5 Benefits of Using A Water Jetting Service

Faster Operation

Commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, malls, and apartments, have regular hydro-jetting to keep main sewer lines clean and clear.

Instead of an extensive dig-up process, wall removal to access clogged drains, or mechanical snaking, water jetters can return plumbing systems back to normal quickly and cleanly.

Cleaner Plumbing Lines

One of the best things about water jetting is that through high-pressure water streams, it can clear out clogs, grease, roots, rocks, minerals, and more. In addition to clearing clogs, water jetting cleans the pipes making it more difficult for future buildups.

If your drains are emitting foul odors, this service can flush bacterias from the system.

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to the early detection of plumbing problems, water jetting services also are ideal for preventative maintenance.

Before water jetting is done, our American Canyon plumbers use cameras to inspect the pipes to ensure they are in good condition to handle water jetting and catch any potential problems such as breaks and low spots.

Environmentally Friendly

Since water jetting uses only water that can often be reused, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to drain and sewer cleaning. Other methods might use chemicals and hazardous materials that can damage pipes and cause environmental damage.


When trained and experienced professionals use water jetters, it can help with water flow, the longevity of pipes, lowering water bills, and more.

While most sewer services can be messy and invasive, water jetting is a safe, effective tool that clears clogs and bacteria while minimizing exposure to sewage.

Our commercial plumbing company in the North Bay can help you find the best solution for your drainage system. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for plumbing services or projects.