top plumber schools in california

While plumbing apprenticeships are the most popular option for aspiring plumbers, many can begin training with a technical school. These classes can also help future plumbers stand out when looking into competitive local plumbing apprenticeship programs. Our experienced plumbers at Leduc & Dexter Plumbing work in a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, hydronics, wineries, […]

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piping construction examples

At last month’s Los Angeles Area PHCC Trade Show LeDuc & Dexter’s fourth year apprentice John Jones finished second in the apprenticeship competition. Jones competed against 8 other apprentices chosen from each of the 8 regional apprenticeship schools in California. John Jones represented the Redwood Empire PHCC, who paid for his round trip travel expenses […]

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rafael arturo

Imagine moving to France or Spain to live and work. You are offered a job that fits your needs and you want to accept it. The one drawback is that you don’t speak the language. How would this affect your productivity and future advancement? What’s that? The company you are going to work for in […]

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