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local green plumbing contractors

Every day hundreds of gallons of water are being used in every household in the United States. Water is one of our most precious resources, and through sustainable plumbing, we can help save it. At LeDuc & Dexter Plumbing, as a premiere licensed green plumbing company, our commitment to water conservation is at the forefront […]

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tom leduc

Tom LeDuc firmly believes that a positive attitude is an essential ingredient needed to run a business successfully. Most business people would agree with that statement. Of course it is one thing to nod in agreement and quite another thing to maintain a positive attitude throughout every day, every week and every year. The highs […]

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super service plumbing

Super Service Plumbing, a division of LeDuc & Dexter Inc. since 1991, is a plumbing service and repair company that is located in Santa Rosa and serves Sonoma County. Super Service provides 24-hour emergency service to residential and commercial customers. “Our business is about 50% residential, 50% commercial,” says Jon Schutz , Manager of Super […]

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